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Shofar of Eliyah
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Just about anyone can take 1, 2, or more verses and create a new and false doctrine (teaching)!!! This happened in the very beginning, and hasatan has been misquoting and twisting Scripture from then to now!!! I too was being deceived and deceiving others with such doctrines. We can not put all of the blame on the so called pastors and rabbis, though anyone who teaches will be even more accountable!!! Yes that is right, if you teach, your judgment will be more severe because in your position you have the ability to lead many to Mashiyach and teach Torah, or lead astray to false doctrines and make people least in the Kingdom, and maybe even turn many away from coming to Mashiyach Yeshua!!!

(Matthew 5:17) Do not think that I came to destroy TORAH or the Neviim/Prophets; I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

(Matthew 5:18) Truly I say to you, Until the heaven and the earth pass away, in no way shall one iota or one point pass away from TORAH until all comes to pass.

(Matthew 5:19) Therefore, whoever breaks/relaxes one of these commandments, the least, and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of Heaven. But whoever does and teaches them, this one shall be called great in the kingdom of Heaven.


How to study the Scriptures:

Cry out to YHVH and ask for His interpretation of His Word!!!

A doctrine or teaching is not typically based on one verse. The problem lies when we take many verses out of CONTEXT to support our belief system.

Here is an example:

I heard a so called pastor quote from Romans:

(Romans 3:20) Therefore by works of Torah no flesh shall be declared right before Him, for by the Torah is the knowledge of sin.

(Romans 3:21) But now, apart from the Torah, a righteousness of Elohim has been revealed, being witnessed by the Torah and the Prophets,

(Romans 3:22) and the righteousness of Elohim is through belief in Yeshua Messiah to all and on all who believe. For there is no difference,

(Romans 3:23) for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of Elohim,

(Romans 3:24) being declared right, without paying, by His favour through the redemption which is in Messiah Yeshua,

This pastor quotes these verses and then declares that the Law/Torah is done away with, and then quotes some other verses out of context to support his anti-Torah and anti-Mashiyach doctrine. Not once did this pastor mention verse 31.

(Romans 3:31) Do we then nullify the Torah through the belief? Let it not be! On the contrary, we ESTABLISH the Torah.

Here is the Greek word for “establish”:




A prolonged form of a primary word σsτtαáω? staō (of the same meaning, and used for it in certain tenses); to stand (transitively or intransitively), used in various applications (literally or figuratively): - abide, appoint, bring, continue, covenant, establish, hold up, lay, present, set (up), stanch, stand (by, forth, still, up). Compare G5087.

We must keep everything in its CONTEXT, and then line it ALL up with the rest of what is Written!!!

Take the verse being studied, the verses in front, the verses in back, the chapter, the book, and line it all up with the rest of His Written Word. If your teaching or belief violates TORAH or any other portion of the Scriptures, it is false, PERIOD!!!

(Isaiah 28:9) To whom shall He teach knowledge? And to whom shall He explain the message? Those weaned from milk, those moving from breasts?

(Isaiah 28:10) For precept must be on precept, precept on precept; line on line, line on line; here a little, there a little.

(1 Corinthians 3:1) And I, brothers, was not able to speak to you as to spiritual ones but as to fleshly, as to babes in Mashiyach.

(1 Corinthians 3:2) I fed you with milk and not with solid food, for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able,

(1 Corinthians 3:3) for you are still fleshly. For since there is envy, and strife, and divisions among you, are you not fleshly and walking according to man?

(Hebrews 5:12) For indeed, although by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first elements of the Words of Elohim. And you have become such as need milk and not solid food.

(Hebrews 5:13) For everyone partaking of milk is inexperienced in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe.

(Hebrews 5:14) But solid food is for the mature whose senses have been trained by practice to discern both good and evil.

(1 Peter 2:1) Having put aside, then, all evil, and all deceit, and hypocrisies, and envyings, and all evil words,

(1 Peter 2:2) as newborn babes, desire the unadulterated milk of the Word, in order that you GROW by it,

(1 Peter 2:3) if indeed you have tasted that the YHVH is good.

Why are most believers in Mashiyach carnal and fleshly??? Our so called pastors and rabbis have been feeding us milk only, if even that!!! Yes, we are to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Yeshua HaMashiyach!!! New believers are not to be bludgeoned into Torah. What is sad though, Torah is not even taught anymore!!! How are the babes to grow??? How can we walk in righteousness, if the Instruction in Righteousness, TORAH, is not taught!!!

Eliyah Ben Yisrael

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